Floors, carpets

All offered tents can be also supplied by boarding, stained and patent floors. The floor is laid on a steel lattice grid, which guarantees its flatness and rigidity. All floors can be built even in the bank.

The tents are equipped by carpets Bonanza on jute or foam base. The colour is selected by customer according to the sampler.


We deliver podiums of heights 20 cm, 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm… The basic podium module is in the size 2×1 metres.

Lighting systems

Halogen reflector 500WPAR 56 short or long filters (Eurolite)

Tables, chairs, furniture

Chair types: plastic, bar, settee, deckchair
Table types: diameter of 90 cm – plastic, diameter of 90 – 175 cm – oak, diameter of 90 – 175 cm – pepper and salt,
Bistro table, diameter of 60 cm – oak
Beer sets
Clothes hanger sets
Bins + ash-tray bins


Diesel heating devises are located outside the tent (heated space) and the hot dry air is blown just into the required space, so there is no risk of burn or damage of thing being in close proximity. The heating lamps shall evoke a calm atmosphere during every garden party or on house terraces.

ITA 65 – diesel Thermobile
IMA 111 – diesel Thermobile
Heating lamp propane-butane (Kroll)

Sound systems

We provide the sound systems for conferences, bands, discos, party and cultural events. Sound system devises from 500 W to 20 kW.
microphones: wireless (hand), acoustic microphones, instrumental microphones
audio mixer acoustic – 16-tracks
audio mixer light – 24-channel
scan controller
CD player and so on

Electro centrals


  • 3 kW quiet operation
  • 5 kW quiet operation
  • Furthermore we have a range of powerful electro centrals with the power of 16 kW, 40 kW, 120 kW and 200 kW at disposal. They are also cempletly covered with quiet operation.

Further accessories

Mobile toilets, garden houses, wooden fences 80 cm



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